Nail Art Tutorial - How to do Nail Art

How to do this Nail Art:  Paint all your nails two coat of white polish.Then use black stripper and connect two lines to create a v shape.Use a tooth pick to fill in the sides of the v shape.Create 2 buttons with the tooth pick.Use a stipper to create an x for the bow tie.Finish the bow tie by using a toothpick.Lastly apply a base coat.
How to do this Nail Art: Start off with a base coat.Paint your nails one coat of white polish.Take a makeup sponge and create blue and purple. lines, then dab that sponge few times on a paper.Sponge the colours on your nail with blue on top.Apply a top coat to smoothen the colors.Use a regular black polish and create a downward stroke.Keep adding buildings of different heights to your nails.Finish the building by creating yellow dots with a toothpick for windows.Finish off with a top coat.
How to do this Nail Art: First put base coat.Then paint your thumb and middle finger white. When the white paper is dry apply 3 strips of stripping paper.Apply 3 more strips at 135 degrees. Now add last set of 3 steps at a 45 angle.Now mix the colors on the makeup sponge and dab it over the strips. While the colour is still wet remove the tape. Now paint the other finger with metallic teal color.Paint your ring finger blue.On the blue finger apply glitter for shine.Seal all with toap coat.

How to do this Nail Art: After putting the base coat, apply a black base colour.Paste the tapes over the painted nail with overlapping triangles. Then paint gold over it.Then remove the tapes. Now again put the tape on your nail leaving some part of the tip.Paint with white nailpolish over it.THen remove the tape and finsh with a top coat for shine.

How to do this Nail Art: Paint all your nails with a base pink colour.After this just put the pink powder over the nail.JUst revome the remaining powder from the sides.

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